SAP takes the security of its vast product portfolio very seriously and thus releases security fixes for vulnerabilities reported by external researchers and their customers every second Tuesday of the month.

SAP Note 2943844 was released on 13.10.2020 and deals with "[CVE-2020-6308] Server-Side Request Forgery vulnerability in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Web Services)" within BI/BO platform. We advice you to follow the instructions, to resolve cross-site request forgery (xsrf) with a medium potential for exploitation in component BI-DEV-JAV.

According to SAP Security Advisory team a workaround exists. It is advisable to implement the correction as part of maintenance.

Risk specification

In SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Web Services) an unauthenticated attacker can inject arbitrary values as CMS parameters. Exploiting this vulnerability allows the attacker to perform lookups on the internal network information such as ports, which is otherwise not accessible externally. Architectures that expose the component to public networks shall pay special attention.


The allowlist of authorized CMS is configured in the field allowed.cms in the file.  And the good news are: a workaround exists, too! This was suggested by the SAP security experts: "The allowlist of authorized CMS must be configured by an Administrator before trying any login attempt. For this, the Administrator will have to edit the file and configure the field allowed.cms. It should contain a comma separated list of all the authorized URLs, for example: allowed.cms=host:6400,host2:6400,host3:15678."

Affected System

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite is an analytics platform allowing SAP customers to make better decisions based on their business data. SAP BI is a module meant for producing business insights and expands its power in combination with HANA DB and also exists as BW/4 HANA. Due to processing sensitive business data, the Data security is of utmost importance.

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ABEX takes the security of SAP products very seriously. We very much encourage the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities. If you have detected a vulnerability in one of the SAP software products – either in the latest or in a former product version follow the guidelines and processes in accordance with the SAP portal page “Report a Security Vulnerability to SAP”.

The advisories found within the ABEX security advisory are generated and continuously enriched by ABEX and affiliated security consultants, partners, customers of the SecurityBridge security suite, SAP support, and advisory groups.

There is no disclosure of zero-day vulnerabilities. In such case, the platform only provides details on which version or signature updates are available within the SecurityBridge platform in order to monitor or measure the vulnerability

In accordance with SAP guidelines, ABEX only discloses issues where the fixing security note has been released at least three months ago. The vulnerability platform makes no references to available exploits or Proof of Concepts (PoC). Advisories and vulnerabilities will always mention the fixing security note or hints to the corresponding SAP documentation.


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