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Find recent Security Advisories for SAP© products

SAP takes the security of its vast product portfolio very seriously, as evident from their sterling reputation in the domain of business and enterprise software. On the second Tuesday of every month, the SAP security response team releases security fixes for vulnerabilities reported by external researchers and customers.


Join our journey

It began with the vision to simplify security operation for SAP© customers.

When complexity rises, security suffers

SecurityBridge intensively works with customers and partners to understand and streamline the required security operation process for SAP Applications. While SAP SE is the worldwide marketplace leader for critical enterprise software the execution of business processes demands a combination of many SAP Products such as ERP, CRM, APO, SCM, and SRM. The trend for digitalization and (hybrid-) cloud based architectures required a tight interlinkage between the best of breed applications. Altogether this leads to increased complexity and blurred overview of security relevant operations.

Simplification is key

At the moment many organizations suffer from not achieving holistic security for SAP©. We help you to put the pieces of the puzzle together to reach a transparent, effective and cost effort driven approach. We set emphasis on:

Partner security service offering

Bringing security and SAP teams together

Product-based solutions delivering the needed insights and automation

Detailed Documentation and sharing of important insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions concerning our offerings.


What can I find on ABEX.io?

ABEX.io is a freemium based security information platform for SAP applications provided by SecurityBridge. It combines information on various vulnerabilities and interconnects with SecurityBridge.


How can I contribute?

We are looking forward hearing from you. Partners, security researchers of SAP customers can contribute. Reach out by using the partner contact form.


Do I need to buy a product, to use ABEX.io?

No. All information shared does not require a product license. Some services interlinking with the offerings of SecurityBridge may require you to buy a product license.


Will you regularly update the information shared?

Yes, We will update the security advisories regularly. All the future updates would be available without any cost.