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Advisories for LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.50

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Note Component Description CVSS Severity Patchday Initially released on Category Affected system type Valid for
2977001 EP-PDK-HBJ Reverse TabNabbing vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (Applications based on HTMLB for Java) 4.7 Medium 2021-03 2021/03/09 Program error Java EP-BASIS 7.10-7.11 EP-BASIS 7.30 EP-BASIS 7.31 EP-BASIS 7.40 EP-BASIS 7.50 FRAMEWORK 7.10-7.11 FRAMEWORK-EXT 7.30 FRAMEWORK-EXT 7.31 FRAMEWORK-EXT 7.40 FRAMEWORK-EXT 7.50 LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.10-7.11 LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.30 LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.31 LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.40 LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.50
3038594 BC-JAS-ADM-ADM [CVE-2021-33689] Insufficient Logging in SAP NetWeaver AS for JAVA (Administrator) 3.5 Low 2021-07 2021/07/13 Program error Java LMNWAUIFRMRK 7.50
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