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A note with CVSS 5.0 for component BC-CST-STS was released by SAP on 14.06.2022. The correction/advisory 3194674 was described with "[CVE-2022-29612] Server-Side Request Forgery in SAP NetWeaver, ABAP Platform and SAP Host Agent" and affects the system type ABAP SAP Host Agent.

A workaround does not exist, according to SAP Security Advisory team. It is advisable to implement the correction as part of maintenance.

The vulnerability addressed is cross-site request forgery (xsrf) within ABAP SAP Host Agent.

Risk specification

Affected components allow an authenticated attacker to misuse a function of the sapcontrol web functionality (startservice) in the Kernel and provoking an error resulting in retrieval of technical information.


Every caller of this functionality will be blocked except for releases 7.22, 7.49 and 7.53 where SAP Host Agent is accepted as a legitimate caller.



SecurityBridge takes the security of SAP products very seriously. We very much encourage the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities. If you have detected a vulnerability concerning one of the SAP software products – either in the latest or in a former product version follow the guidelines and processes in accordance with the SAP portal page “Report a Security Vulnerability to SAP”.

The advisories found within the SecurityBridge advisory are generated and continuously enriched by our Team at SecurityBridge and affiliated security consultants, partners, customers of the SecurityBridge Platform, SAP support, and advisory groups.

We do not disclose zero-day vulnerabilities unless a security patch has been made available to the public. In such case, the platform only provides details on which version or signature updates are available within the SecurityBridge platform in order to monitor or measure the vulnerability.

In accordance with SAP guidelines, SecurityBridge only discloses issues where the fixing security note has been released. The vulnerability platform makes no references to available exploits or Proof of Concepts (PoC). Advisories and vulnerabilities will always mention the fixing security note or hints to the corresponding SAP documentation.


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